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ANC’s Product Lines
We currently have 8 product lines with over 700 individual botanical ingredient products. If you are in need of a particular ingredient, chances are good that we already have it, or can source it and make it into an extract.

Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts™
ANC’s flagship line of products, Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts are standardized to recognized markers and bring you the full spectrum of plant constituents in the balanced proportions nature intended. Extracted in pure water, these botanical extract ingredients are unique in offering both standardization and full spectrum in the same product. Since our launch in 1995, these extracts have been featured in hundreds of top selling and effective supplements.

Full Spectrum Fruit & Vegetable Phytoconcentrates™
Fruits and vegetables are important components of good nutrition, but sometimes its difficult to get your “5 a day” of these essential foods. Fortunately ANC’s Full Spectrum Fruit & Vegetable Phytoconcentrates can help fill that gap with ingredients that are rich in a wide variety of powerful constituents. Best of all, our process carefully preserves sensitive components like beta glucans and other polysaccharides that are important for efficacy and balance.

Vital Spectrum™ Ratio Based Extracts
If high quality extracts are desirable at a more economical price point, then Vital Spectrum ratio based extracts may be the ticket. These extracts undergo our premium full spectrum extraction process in pure water, but they are standardized to ratios that indicate the proportions by weight of plant material to the weight of the final extract, rather than percentages of marker compound. So a Vital Spectrum extract may be a 10:1 ratio, for example, indicating the usage of 10 kg of plant material for each resulting 1 kg of extract.

Vital Treasures™ Bioactive Botanical Ingredients for Cosmetics and Personal Care Applications
ANC’s Vital Treasures are designed specifically for skin care and other topical uses, as well as for internal skin care supplementation. Available in liquids as well as powders, Vital Treasures can bring true functional efficacy to topical products. Best of all, topical ingredients can be functionally matched to ingestible ingredients for comprehensive, integrated “inside out” product systems to produce truly robust skin care solutions.
Certified Organic Botanical Extract Ingredients
ANC is passionate about Organics! We were the first herbal extract supplier with manufacturing in China to receive organic certification of our facilities. Since then we have cultivated or sourced organic plant material for hundreds of organic ingredients. Certified to NOP and EU standards, our organic extracts feature the same premium Full Spectrum standardized pure water extraction as our flagship line, but carry the additional organic benefit. We also provide pure Certified Organic Glycerin to help our customers achieve certification for skin care products that contain glycerin.

Action Synergized™ Formulations
ANC’s Action Synergized Formulations are highly developed formulations of plant materials that are combined before extraction to allow the constituents to intermingle in the extract. This helps the botanical components interact synergistically during the extraction process. Process iteration in pure water balances the formula by pulling even stubborn components of low solubility into the mix. Our TCM pharmaceutical formulators have produced a convenient ready made line of formulas for private label use, or you may customize your own formula recipe.

Supercritical CO2 Extractions
Specialized products require specialized extraction technology. Supercritical CO2 extraction uses safe, inert, non residual liquid CO2 as a solvent. This advanced technology is great for pulling oils and other lipophilic compounds into the extract. For extracts that have a high oil content, or that actually are primarily oils, this process excels.

Precision Fermentation Extract Ingredients
Fermentation technology is an exciting new area of extraction for high performance botanical ingredients. Fermentation can increase the bioactivity and bioavailability of the extract by actually creating new beneficial compounds in the extract, Not quite like the process for making your home brewed beer, this process is very precisely engineered in terms of times and temps. Many extracts are only fermented for a few hours to produce the optimal result.