We are here to help
We are here to help!
All Nature Company Ltd (ANC) is committed to providing a superior level of technical assistance to help our clients in producing the highest quality products. We have a proven track record and an untarnished reputation. The trust and loyalty that we have built with our partners has enabled us to offer a variety of solutions, encompassing the use of botanicals into good, natural products.

Full time researchers are on staff, supported by an extensive in-house botanical database, allow ANC to offer almost any sort of technical service required. Through ANC, our customers can also have access to the vast resources of the Shanghai Institute of Pharmacy. ANC is an active member in the industry’s top botanical associations, and is therefore always abreast of the recent research and studies relating to safety, efficacy, regulations, marketing, and other pertinent areas.

Partner up with ANC, we can help build your line of products by offering:
• A wide selection of preformulated products, readily available for private label
• A wide selection of formulas to your choice, manufactured to your specifications
• Custom made solutions for your new product ideas
• Technical assistance in product development
• Rapid turnaround and excellent customer service
• Round the world material sourcing of rare to common, efficacious herbs.

ANC can also provide service on:
• Herb pharmacology/actions
• Custom formulation
• Published clinical and pharmacological work
• Herb interactions, contraindications, and toxicity
• Manufacturing specifications (concentrations, mesh sizes, dosages, as well as standardization)
• Water solubility and/or dispersibility issues