Inside-Out approach
Inside and Out Approach
Skin care can be enhanced by using our rich, full spectrum botanical bioactives. ANC’s “Inside & Out” solutions are vital for your beauty and skin health. With proper care of your body, your skin will shine with health radiating from inside. It is, therefore, our philosophy that the first step to improve skin health is to improve your body health.
Botanicals can be fast acting, yet safer and more balanced than single compound agents because its constituents can orchestrate to work in the body. Each of our formulas is designed for a specific function, with an unique mode of delivery. For example, our “Traditional Antioxidant Inside™” and our “Traditional Antioxidant Outside™” can work together because the skin is a transdermal supplement delivery system with different nutritional environments.
Aging is a natural process, and the rate at which someone age is also affected by many factors:- genetics, diet, surroundings, environment (UV exposure, air pollutants), sleep patterns, and bad habits such as excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking. ANC is an expert in formulating botanicals for antiaging. Using topical applications on the outside and dietary supplements to the inside, ANC formulates best with its “Inside & Outside” approach. ANC’s antiaging formulas are well tested by many labs and universities for its efficacy.
With over 700 botanical extracts, we supply a wide range of selection for “Inside & Out” products including antiaging formulas. Phytocompounds from fruits, vegetables and herbs can offer protection against free radicals, toxins, and inducers of inflammatory pathways. Certain botanicals have general tonic and vitality effects while others have more specific therapeutic action like inhibiting elastase or boosting circulation.