Ethical Wildcrafting
Harvesting and Caring for Wild Plants
In order to produce superior herbal extracts, All Nature Company Limited (ANC) is extremely careful with its raw materials sourced from the best origins worldwide. While for certain species cultivation may be inevitable, we do take pride in our exceptional efforts and knowledge in being able to source more natural herbs than others. For plants and herbs sourced from nature, we practice “Ethical Wildcrafting”.

“Wildcrafting” refers to the gathering of plants from its natural “environment”. Whenever possible, ANC takes priority in using wildcrafted materials instead of those cultivated. More than 70% of ANC’s products are manufactured from wildcrafted materials. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, wildcrafted herbs are revered for its superior healing properties because they are strongly imbued with the power of nature and thus more effective in promoting health. Science has also confirmed this belief in many plant species. In order to survive in the wild, a plant has to produce a greater amount of chemical constituents that enable its survival. These chemical constituents are often the same ones that enable humans to thrive better as well.

ANC follows strict guidelines for “Ethical Wildcrafting” to ensure its products are clean, pure, and environmentally sound. We feel strongly that, in providing our customers with the highest quality extract, we must honor, nurture and respect the nature from which all life forms spring.
ANC’s Wildcrafting Guidelines
• We ensure the harvesting areas are isolated and pristine, free from any contamination or pollution.
• We ensure only healthy plants are harvested, free from any disease or infestation.
• We ensure there is no wastage, harvesting only as many plants as needed.
• We ensure enough seed-producing plants are sustained, at the same time sowing seeds from where the plant is unearthed.
• We ensure wildlife ecosystems are not disturbed, exercising care for insects, animals, as well as pollination and seed distribution.
• We ensure no harm is brought to plants nearby, and that only the needed are harvested.
• We ensure the least impact is made to the land, treading lightly, cleaning up, and refilling at all times.
• We ensure optimal timing is observed for harvesting, that active constituents of each plant are at its prime.
• We ensure all harvested plants handled with great care, such that the highest quality materials are available for extraction.