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Certified Organic

Certified Organic Botanical Extract Ingredients
In an effort to serve you better, ANC has earned organic certification as a processor of organic raw materials. Our organic certification adheres to both NOP andEU EC 834/2007 standards and our ingredient products can be certified to either set of standards. This exciting new development is a significant step for ANC, as it allows us to use organically grown and certified herbal raw materials in producing extracts, and to bring the final extract to the marketplace as a certified organic ingredient.
This is good news for manufacturers of dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, and cosmeceuticals that would like to include high quality Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts™ in their organic product offerings. Manufacturers that understand the superior quality of a ANC extract can now benefit from an unbroken chain of organic certification from the farm to the store shelf.

The Details
ANC’s organic certification is through ICS, Inc., or International Certification Services, Inc. This is the company that owns the widely accepted FVO or Farm Verified Organic certification program and seal. ANC’s certification specifically includes certification to NOP (National Organic Program) standards, which is the standard accepted in the US by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as well as to European Union EC 834/2007 standards, complying with Ecocert. So we can provide organic ingredients internationally, certifying to the standards that are in acceptance in most countries. Appropriate documentation for organic raw herbs that we process into organically certified herbal extract ingredients accompanies your shipment.

About ANC Certified Organic Ingredients

Over a Decade of Organics
ANC has operated a 100% certified organic facility since 2004, processing a wide range of organic botanical ingredients. Our organic certification adheres to USDA’s NOP andEuropean EEC 834/2007 standards, and many of our ingredient products can be certified to both standards. This is good news for manufacturers of dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, and cosmeceuticals that would like to include high quality Full Spectrum Standardized herbal extracts in their organic product offerings. Manufacturers that understand the superior quality of a ANC extract can now benefit from an unbroken chain of organic certification from the farm to the store shelf.

The Organic Marketplace
Currently, 81% of families in the United States purchase and use organically certified products, and that number is increasing every year, as production, and consumer awareness continue to rise. After many years of double digit growth, sales of organic products are still growing at an annual rate of around 14%. In 2012 organic food production jumped a whopping 240%, topping $81.3 billion in sales! While organic fruits and vegetables are the leading category of organic products in sales volume, an area that also continues to enjoy double digit growth is Organic Personal Care and cosmetics products. ANC manufactures a full line of bioactive botanical ingredients specifically for the personal care market, many of which are certified organic.
While ANC is headquartered in the United States, our herbal extract processing facility is in Shanghai, China. Deeply ingrained in Chinese tradition and culture, herbal practice, usage and business in China is enormous, dwarfing its equivalent in the US. Organically certified herbs and foods can be readily sourced in China, but the vast majority of the crops are not certified to USDA NOP standards. ANC is working to correct and change that.
In China, ANC is a pioneer in the botanical extract ingredient business. We were the first botanical extract producer in China to achieve organic certification for our 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility. We were among the first in the industry to achieve ISO9000 quality standards as well. We were also among the first to achieve both Kosher and HACCP certification. We are also GMP certified, and HALAL certified for your additional assurance of safety, quality and purity.
We at ANC sincerely want American consumers to be able to experience and benefit from the vast richness of bounty of the herbs that grow in China, and the 5,000 years of traditional wisdom that has brought the herbal industry to its current position of prominence in China. In every way possible, we strive to produce ingredients that achieve that aim, while working to dispel the myth that all herbal ingredients from processors in China are of unknown quality. We stand behind our quality, purity, and safety; and organic certification is another step in our evolution toward bringing you the perfect balance of nature, science and tradition.
While we strive to support our customers with our products, we also strive to support the indigenous farmer in China. We are instrumental in providing an opportunity for more farms to convert to organically certified operations. As it is, many herbs that are grown in China are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, for purely economic reasons. Chemical soil additives are simply too expensive. Many farmers use natural fertilizers and few if any pesticides, making them good initial candidates for organic certification. We at ANC offer support and encouragement to these farmers to convert to certified organic agriculture.
Sustainability is a key aspect of ANC’s organic certification program. We work directly with farmers and farmer coops to teach and promote sustainable agriculture and ethical wildcrafting practices. We have a 10,000 acre tract of organically certified land in China’s interior that is used for ethical and sustainable wildcrafting. We also actively work with many outside agencies, such as WWF, to help protect the last remaining Giant Panda habitat in central China, and provide fair trade opportunities for local communities in the Panda region that practice sustainable and/or certified organic plant cultivation and wildcrafting.

Whole Fruits and Vegetables
We are especially excited about the huge potential for organically certified extracts of fruits and vegetables, which we produce from whole fruits and vegetables. To make a ANC full spectrum extract, we start with the entire whole plant part. It is extracted in pure, clean water using ANC’s proprietary iterative process. We process a wide variety of certified organic raw materials, including herbs, medicinal mushrooms, spices, fruits and vegetables into safe, effective, full spectrum extracts.
Specialty Organics
Certified Organic Oils – We produce purified certified organic oils made by cold pressing or steam distillation. Plant oils are rich in volatiles and essential fatty acids with a wide range of uses, including aromatherapy, nutrition, and cooking, as well as ingredients for cosmeceutical and skin care products. We also use supercritical CO2 extraction technology to make full spectrum extracts from plants that have high oil content, although the process is not organic.
Certified Organic Fermentation – The fermentation extraction process features highly controlled short duration fermentation that serves to enhance the taste, form and function of the extract. Specifically, it helps improve bioactivity and bioavailability of the active constituents in the extract.
Certified Organic Glycerin – ANC is unique in being able to offer high purity, USP grade/FCC grade certified organic glycerin, derived from non-GMO certified organic corn. ANC controls production from the seed in the ground to the final drum, using sustainable agricultural techniques to grow the corn, and a patented natural fermentation process to produce the glycerin.
About Our Certifications
ANC’s organic certification encompasses the entire manufacturing facility, so any certified organic raw plant material can be made into an organic ingredient product, as long as it is made from our process. Certification includes certification to NOP (National Organic Program) standards, which is the standard accepted in the US by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture); as well as European Union EEC834/2007 organic certification, which is the primary system of organic certification in the EU. Both certifications are maintained by the reputable French organic certification organizaton Ecocert.
We can provide organic ingredients throughout the world, certifying to widely accepted standards that are in place in most countries. We include the appropriate documentation for organic raw herbs that we process into organic extract ingredients with your shipment. For European customers, all ingredients have also been registered for REACH compliance.
Pure Organics™ Certified Organic Glycerin
Get ready for a whole new organic world of possibilities for your cosmetics, personal care, and food products. Thanks to a new, sustainable process developed and patented by scientists at Pure Organics™, USP grade 99.7% pure certified organic glycerin is now commercially available. This is great news for formulators who would like to make an organic product, but are having difficulty sourcing the organic glyerin they need to attain an organic label claim for the product.

Why Choose Pure Organics?
Certified Organic
Pure Organics Glycerin™ is certified organic to exacting USDA NOP and European EC 834/2007 standards.
Facilitates organic label claims – In order to make the most basic organic claim “made with organic ingredients”, your product must comprise a minimum of 70% organic ingredients; to put an organic seal on the product, it must be 95% organic.
Superior Purity
USP Grade 99.7% Pure
Great for food products – exceeds FCC grade purity.
No industrial residues, methanol or biodiesel residues.
No fertilizer or pesticide residues.
Superior Quality
Our Processing Facility is ISO9000, GMP, HACCP, and Kosher Certified for your quality assurance.
No mysteries! Our process control is fully vertically integrated all the way from the organic corn in the ground to the finished drum.
Commercial Supply
While there is a glut of industrially produced conventional glycerin in the market, Pure Organics™ is one of the only processors of USP Grade certified organic glycerin. A consistent, reliable, commercial supply of organic glycerin will enable you to transition entire lines of products to organic, allowing you to effectively tap into this rapid growth area.

Its Not Conventional!
Almost all glycerin in the market today is conventionally produced as an incidental byproduct of an industrial process like biodiesel manufacturing. It is frequently made from contaminated sources, like used cooking oils or cheap vegetable oils. As a result, much of it is not USP grade or even FCC grade glycerin, and may contain a small percentage of impurities. It is also often brokered on the open market with an unknown source.

Pure Organics Glycerin™ is your best bet for a known source that is regularly inspected for quality and purity.
Glycerin, also called glycerol or glycerine, is a sugar alcohol compound (C3H5(OH)3), comprising 3 carbons and 3 hydrophilic hydroxyl groups. It is a colorless, odorless liquid that is sweet tasting and very low in toxicity. As a food, it is categorized as a carbohydrate. In cosmetics, personal care and pharma, it is valued for its wide range of humectant and moisturizing properties, as well as bacteriostatic and preservative properties.
Glycerin is used in an amazing number of applications: As a humectant in lotions, creams and sunscreens; non-blood-sugar-elevating sweetener for foods (60% as sweet as table sugar); thickening agent in liqueurs, syrups, elixirs, & pie fillings; emulsifier for margarines; freshness retainer for baked goods; menstruum for herbal tinctures; tablet holding agent; fogging agent; de-icing agent; anti-drying agent for watercolors; and as a tobacco humectant. It is an important component in toothpastes, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products, glycerin soaps and other soaps, water based personal lubricants, snuff, rectal laxatives, eye shadow, lipstick, lipgloss, lotions and eyedrops. For topical care, it is an effective treatment for psoriasis, burns, bites, cuts, rashes, bedsores, and calluses. It can be used orally to eliminate halitosis and help with periodontal disease, as it is a contact bacterial desiccant.
Pure Organics Glycerin™ is designed to be completely sustainable, natural and carbon neutral. Our farms, all our inputs, and our processing facility are all certified organic. Organic corn is naturally fermented to produce organic glycerin. We also recycle the all-natural byproducts of the process as nutrients for the very farms that grow our corn, and to farms raising organic livestock.
We start with certified organic corn, which is processed into starches and sugars. Husks, cobs, processing liquids, enzymes, and other biomass byproducts of this process are sent to an organic farm to be fed to animals. The manure and biogas from the animal farm are then sent back to fertilize the organic corn farm. The starches and sugars from the corn then undergo our special, patented natural fermentation process, resulting in pure, clean USP grade organic glycerin. Even the water used during the final refinement process is purified and recycled back into production.