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Action Synergized Formulas

Please use this list as a guide to find Action Synergized™ Formulas that we produce. This is an abridged list and subject to change, so if there is a particular formula you are interested in and you do not find it on the list, please contact us. We may have it, or have the capability of custom formulating it for you, even though it may not be on this list.

Item Formula Name Application
D-01 Herbal Calm Helps support healthy mood
D-02 Stress Free Relaxes, rejuvenates, nourishes
D-31 Sleep & Relaxation II Promotes nighttime relaxation and restful sleep
D-03 Super Nourisher Promotes rejuvenation and cellular repair
Vital Energy Increases energy and overall vitality
D-32 Vital Energy II Improves energy and stamina
  Weight Loss & Detox  
 D-04 Liver Detox Helps promote healthy liver detoxification; helps boost energy levels
 D-19 Weight Loss Supports healthy weight
 D-35 Hangover Promotes healthy liver detoxification for faster recovery
  Joint and Musculoskeletal Health   
 D-05 Joint Lube Helps promote joint health, flexibility and integrity
 D-06 Bones & Muscles Promotes strength, supports bone health
 D-27 Joint Comfort Promotes cartilage health and integrity
 D-44 Women’s Bone Support Supports healthy bone density in older women
  Sports Enhancement  
 D-50 Endurance Anti-Hypoxia Supports oxygen uptake in athletic performance
 D-54 Sports Endurance Supports physiological processes for endurance in athletic performance
 D-07 Vital Immunity Supports healthy immunity during the winter months
 D-26 Cold & Flu II Used for first signs of imbalance to boost immune system
 D-16 Vital Respiration Helps promote healthy respiration
 D-57 Immune Deficiency Support Helps support immune function
 D-46 Bronchial Support Promotes healthy, clear breathing
 D-47 Seasonal Sinus Support Supports healthy sinuses and free breathing
  Women’s Formulas  
 D-09 Female Balance  Helps support and balance the female system
 D-36 Female Sexual Function  Promotes healthy libido
 D-29  PMS Temporary relief from bloating, irritability; helps support healthy hormone balance 
 D-34 Menopause Helps promote hormonal balance and relieve symptoms associated  with menopause
 D-42 Phytoestrogen Helps support healthy hormonal balance
  Male Formulas  
 D-11 Male Balance Supports men’s physical and sexual energy 
 D-28  Vital Prostate II Supports healthy prostate and urinary function
  Cognitive Support  
 D-12 Mental Clarity Promotes calm, clear thinking; supports brain health 
  Digestive Support   
 D-15 Vital Digestion Supports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
 D-38 IBS Supports healthy colon function and comfort
  Cardiovascular Support  
 D-08 Vital Cardio Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
 D-41 LDL Cholesterol Support Supports healthy cardiovascular system; supports normal range cholesterol levels
 D-53  Blood Pressure Support Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  Eye Health  
 D-14 Visual Acuity Supports overall eye health and optimal vision
  Antioxidant Support  
 D-40 Antioxidant II Full-spectrum antioxidant formula; helps maintain healthy cellular function
  Blood Sugar Support  
 D-52 Blood Sugar Support Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  Healthy Skin  
 D-43 Eczema Used topically to promote healthy skin
 D-55 Skin Rejuvenating Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin
  Stop Smoking  
 D-18 Anti-Smoking Helps reduce cravings and supports healthy mood
  Pain Relief  
 D-45 Muscle, Joint and Head Comfort Helps provide soothing comfort and wellbeing to muscles, joints, head, and neck